• Pulse of the Parkway

    The Culture and Community of Maryland Parkway

  • Pulse of the Parkway Teaser

    filmed, shot and edited by PoP Staff

    Running Time: 1 min, 21 sec. Credits: Voiceover - Johnnie Wade, Soundscape Joshua Herrera, "The Nerve" by Albie Reyes, Videographers: Suzanne Morales, Haeli Paris, Eduardo Rossal, Photographers: Guadalupe Pantaleon, Haeli Paris, Shelby Goldberg, Johnnie Wade, Meredith Hall, David Beccera, Ronnie Gonzalez, Joshua Herrera, Alexia Zilliken, Nissa Tzun, Graphic Design: Katrina Albana, Lourdes Trimidal. Edited by Nissa Tzun

  • Our Mission

    Pulse of the Parkway is a multimedia journalism and community project investigating the life and culture of the Maryland Parkway community launched by photojournalism and interactive media design students at UNLV. Pulse of the Parkway aims to serve as a critical conduit between the Maryland Parkway community and the designated municipalities and individuals that service it, including and not limited to the Regional Transportation Commission, assigned politicians, and investors interested in enhancing the quality of life.

  • Meet the Team

    Our team is made up of three working groups: Content Creators, who are our investigative multimedia journalists who go out and find interesting and impactful stories to share. The Design Team is our specialized graphic and web specialists who use their design sensibilities to guide our visual storytelling. The Production Team is our social media and public relations experts who know how to spread the message fast online.

    Content Creators

    • David Beccera
    • Ronnie Gonzalez
    • Meredith Hall
    • Joshua Herrera
    • Suzanne Morales
    • Guadalupe Pantaleon
    • Haeli Paris
    • Eduardo Rossal
    • Oja Vincent
    • Johnnie Wade
    • Alexia Zilliken

    Design Team

    • Katrina Albana
    • Braden Pleggenkuhle
    • Lourdes Trimidal

    Production Team

    • Shelby Goldberg
    • Meghan Platt
    • Alena Quinonez
    • Kianna Vestuto
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