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Good Samaritan on Maryland Parkway

Reporting and Photos by Eduardo D. Rossal

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Las Vegas, NV - In the afternoon on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, sirens were heard along Maryland Parkway. A good Samaritan named Monica, called the paramedics for help as a homeless man was having a seizure. Monica, clearly in distress herself, her face covered with cuts, scabs and dried up blood on her forehead, said that the man started to foam from the mouth and she didn’t know what to do. She stated that she called to some men nearby and was ignored. “He is human, and those men didn’t care,” she said with a tear sliding down her cheek. The paramedics hurried out from their ambulance trucks. They made their way behind a bus bench where the man who was suffering from the seizure laid. The paramedics made sure he was able to move and placed him onto a stretcher gurney and then drove off. Monica re-lamented her concerns of people not seeing the man that had the seizure as a person before walking away.

Paramedics bring to the ambulance truck to take to a hospital. Nevada. August 2, 2018. Photo by Eduardo D. Rossal

Paramedics taking the man to the ambulance truck to head to the hospital. Nevada. August 2, 2018. Photo by Eduardo D. Rossal

According to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization that advocates for the homeless, another 24,900 of the southern Nevadans will be expected to experience homelessness at some point this year. Las Vegas is ranked 10th in the nation for highest unsheltered homeless population. According to Samantha Rea of the Las Vegas Sun, the growing homeless population in Southern Nevada exceeds 34,000 people, which is 1.8 percent of the population. approximates that 15,000 of those 34,000 homeless individuals are children. In the 2016 census, it found that 600 people have been living in nonhuman habitations, such as parks, cars and abandoned buildings.

Along Maryland Parkway, the homeless population can be seen regularly frequenting the streets and sometimes utilizing UNLV facilities to wash up. Photojournalist Aaron Mayes commented that the opening of the Nevada Behavioral Health Systems which provides psychiatric and social services to the public is a large reason why the homeless have migrated to Circle Park by Charleston and Maryland Parkway. The population goes to NBHS to receive services and then carry on to Circle Park to take refuge in the shade and grass.

Cars passing on Maryland Parkway towards Russell. Nevada. August 2, 2018. Photo by Eduardo D. Rossal.

Paramedics and Monica aiding a man that was having a seizure. Nevada. August 2, 2018. Photo by Eduardo D. Rossal.

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