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Moondog Records: Signs of Gentrification on Maryland Parkway

Reporting and Photos by Johnnie Wade

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Las Vegas, NV - When you walk into Moondog Records it’s abundantly clear that you’re walking into an environment in which music is the very fiber of the universe. Store owner Clint McKean opened Moondog Records five years ago, using his personal collection as product for the first few months.“When I first opened the store I only had six boxes of vinyl, it was pretty much empty in here,” McKean said.

Moondog Records is located at Campus Village, 4440 S. Maryland Parkway, right across from UNLV. August 7, 2018, Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Johnnie Wade

Now the small record store located directly across from UNLV at the Campus Village shopping center is overflowing with records. Each genre and every price range is represented. Moondog Records is one of the many local businesses that adds to the unique flavor of Maryland Parkway.

Moondog Records carries a variety of vinyl, a hidden treasure for vinyl collectors and music lovers. August 7, 2018, Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Johnnie Wade

Since McKean has done everything from building the shelves to laying hardwood floors in the building by himself the space means a lot to him. “It’s funny how much I’ve learned since opening, there was no learning curve. I bought stuff that I would never even touch now,” Mckean said.

The RTC’s proposed light rail plan would definitely affect the traffic flow to Moondog Records. However, McKean is being forced to move since the purchase of the Campus Village Shopping Center by G2 Capital Development in December, 2017. McKean promises the same great selection and prices at his new location which is slanted to open in late September.

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