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Vice President of CSUN Interview

Reporting and Photo by Shelby Goldberg

· Shelby Goldberg,People,Interview

Sydni Ferber stands on the steps to the Student Union building located on Maryland Parkway. August 3, 2018. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas, NV - Sydni Ferber is the Vice President of CSUN, UNLV’s student government. She is also a junior at UNLV in the Hospitality College and an active member of campus life and student organizations.

As a student and an employee at UNLV, located on Maryland Parkway, Sydni Ferber feels that although the construction on the road has impacted her experience on the street and increased her commute, improving the transportation on the street would be a positive experience for the community. Sydni believes that enhancing the roads, public transit system, and the overall aesthetic on Maryland Parkway would be beneficial to the school and its student body. She would like to see an improvement in social services provided for the homeless. Sydni believes that the community would benefit from an improved method of transportation from one end of Maryland Parkway to the other.

Title/Cover Photo: Johnnie Wade

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